Turn Around Tuesday ~ John Smoltz ~ Why Not?


Tuesday's Thought In truth, my answer to all these questions is the same, and it's far simpler than many believe: Why Not? Why not do what you love for as long as you are physically able? Why not take risks, as long as they are calculated? Why not chase what some see as impossible? Why not believe in yourself? Why not dare to be great...even if it means being different? Why not? ~ John Smoltz Atlanta Braves Pitcher (ret.) A Bit of Encouragement...  If you ask my husband why I do … [Continue reading]

The Biggest Mouths


So, I have waited just a little while before weighing in on The Biggest Loser controversy. (See what I did there? I almost reworded that. Then I decided, "What the hell. Let's throw bad puns to the wall and see what pretty colors it makes!") If you are not a Biggest Loser fan and somehow missed the February 4th storm, here is a brief synopsis. 24 year old Rachel Frederickson became the 15th Biggest Loser winner weighing in at 105 pounds. Her starting weight of 260 meant that Rachel had lost … [Continue reading]

The Village doesn’t get my kids until it becomes way less fishy


This article was originally written in September 2007. I am reposting it now as I will make a brief reference to it in an upcoming blog post. And, I kinda wanted Amy to know she wasn't totally alone. Topic of parenting came up.  Surprise, I know.  … [Continue reading]

Balance is the New Skinny (and BOTH are overrated)

Mark of the mind feat

Since my last post I still haven't been to the gym (10 days now) or on a run (2 weeks, but who's counting). I have cancelled a huge race, I have nothing on the calendar, and I don't know when I will decide to sign up for something … [Continue reading]

Boots, Malware, Schnitzel, and Monarchs (weird, huh?)

Bing results feat

I keep getting this stupid little bug in my browser. It changes my homescreen, my search engine, and randomly opens weird ass tabs with stuff I never looked for, asked for, or searched for. It is irritating. But everything has a purpose I think. … [Continue reading]

I am a Person Who Runs

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I think know I have used this Vin Diesel clip from Knockaround Guys before...I will use it again. Truth is, if I could figure out how to use it in every single post, I probably would. I think about this movie clip a lot when I run long. I know most … [Continue reading]

No Demons, Just Interesting Spirits

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Dear Readers, Forgive me for I have failed to write. It has been 2 months since my last blog post. I am sure you will understand or maybe not have noticed at all. I certainly noticed. So I set out this morning (again) to write something (again) … [Continue reading]

Turn Around Tuesday ~ Hal Borland ~ Patience and Persistence


Tuesday's Thought Knowing trees, I understand the meaning of patience. Knowing grass, I can appreciate persistence. ~ Hal Borland (1900-1978) A Bit of Encouragement...  Yesterday September 9th, The Dude and I celebrated our 14 year wedding … [Continue reading]

September 11th


**This post is a combination and editing of previously written accounts. I considered not writing anything today. Considered the idea of blank space in honor of this day, September 11th. Decided that was a bad idea. I don’t think that honor is … [Continue reading]

Turn Around Tuesday ~ Gretchen Rubin ~ Embrace What Is


Turn Around Tuesday began in April 2007. It is an email delivered newsletter that is typically written on Tuesday morning (my husband says you can always tell how Monday went by how Tuesday reads!) and in subscribers' email by 6 or 7am.  I will … [Continue reading]